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  • Charlotte Fesnoux

The Ripple - ThINC Newsletter

In celebration of ThINC’s 10 year anniversary we are beginning a new tradition: newsletters! Our newsletter, ‘The Ripple’, will serve to keep you up-to-date on what ThINC is up to and share ways in which Thetis Islanders can engage.

Why The Ripple you might ask? Well, let me tell you! A ripple is a natural phenomenon that can be observed throughout the natural world, from waves on sand dunes and wind rippling through the trees, to the most obvious, rings spreading on the surface of water. A ripple can also symbolize cause and effect; specifically, how our actions impact the environment. The ThINC ripple stands as a reminder of this, and how it is in our power to gently affect change.

Our inaugural issue, '10 Year Anniversary: How We’ve Grown' shares the story of ThINC’s beginnings and growth in an article written by Ann Eriksson as well as a (rather condensed) timeline that highlights major events from the last decade.

Each issue of The Ripple will include a ‘Super Steward’ section that recognizes Thetis Islanders who are, as the name suggests, admirable stewards of the land and/or who are doing what they can to make Thetis Island a more robust and resilient place. For this, we welcome nominations for the Super Steward section for future issues!


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