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Connecting people to nature and building an awareness and understanding about environmental issues are at the core of what ThINC is all about. Since its inception in 2012, the ThINC crew has strived to provide diverse opportunities for the Thetis Island community to learn more about the natural world around us through talks, walks, and workshops. In 2016, the Nature House program was created to host a robust schedule of science- and art-based experiences for learners of all ages. Nature House programming takes place during the summer months, although some events and/or workshops are offered throughout the year. 


More recently, ThINC has been running a sustainability program for youth: Project -Re- Generation (ReGen). ReGen brings together many aspects of what ThINC is about: environmental regeneration, nature education, systems thinking, and community cohesion and resilience. Led by ThINC, and supported by community members, students engage in immersive experiences, designing and delivering sustainability projects throughout the Thetis Island community.  

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