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Board and Staff

Meet the Team


Ann Eriksson

A biologist and author with five published novels and three non-fiction ecological literacy titles for young readers.  

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Stephanie Cottell

A life-long learner passionate about ecological sustainability and restoration, and exploring a holistic approach to systems that seek to benefit meeting the needs of humanity and the natural world. Stephanie is also an avid spinner and weaver.


Rob Welsh

A retired marine captain and former board member for the environmental group Wildsight. Rob is also engaged in several ThINC community science activities and is our on-island 'batman'.

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Marcie Welsh

Enjoys artistic and creative endeavours, including baking, card-making, and wildlife photography. Marcie is also a former treasurer at Wildsight.

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Janice Young

Earth-loving wood fae, explorer of plant spirit medicine, multi-media story weaver and sound vibration healing artist.


Jim Moloney

Semi-retired Mechanical Engineer continuing to learn about and enjoy the natural world and our built environment.

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