About Us

Thetis Island Nature Conservancy (ThINC) is a nonprofit society located on a small Gulf Island in the Salish Sea off the coast of British Columbia.


Our goals are nature education, conservation and stewardship of natural ecosystems, and promotion of community food security.​


ThINC has been educating Thetis Island residents and visitors of all ages about nature, stewardship, conservation, and food security since 2012. We provide educational opportunities for children, youth, and adult members of the public to learn about the flora and fauna of Thetis Island, species and ecosystems at risk, land stewardship, conservation, restoration of natural systems, and community food security through courses and events. In the early years, we offered occasional volunteer-run events, talks and day camps which grew  into our successful  summer-long nature education program, operated from our Nature House at The Portal since 2016.  In 2019 ThINC received the Community Stewardship Award from the Islands Trust for our work in creating the first publicly accessible nature reserve on Thetis Island, Fairyslipper Forest.

Most recently, ThINC has hosted experiential learning programs that engage youth and Thetis Islanders in community-based sustainability projects.

To learn more about ThINC, listen to ThINCpod S1E5 with our Chair, Ann Eriksson

Meet the Team

Some of our past and present board members

The Board




ThINC's 7-member volunteer board is an eclectic bunch and includes:

Ann Eriksson: A biologist and author with five published novels and three non-fiction ecological literacy titles for young readers. 

Laurel March: Retired federal program manager, enthusiastic gardener and nature conservator.

Rob Welsh: A retired marine captain and former board member for the environmental group Wildsight.

Marcie Welsh: A retired banker and former treasurer at Wildsight.

Janice Young: Earth-loving wood fae, explorer of plant spirit medicine, multi-media story weaver and sound vibration healing artist.

Maureen Loiselle: Grandmother with roots in teaching, nursing, and sailing, and a passion for our planet.

Fred Hunt: Spent 42 years in Nunavut and NWT assisting in the creation of economic opportunities for Canadian Indigenous people.

Charlotte Fesnoux


Education and Stewardship Coordinator

Project -Re- Generation Facilitator

Charlotte is a curious individual with a thirst for knowledge and learning. In her youth she spent much of her free time exploring the natural world around her; from forests blanketed with snow, to frog-filled bogs and wide, open fields.  To this day, nature and learning remain an integral part of her life.  This is evident through her BA in Environmental Geography (SFU, 2012) and a Bachelor of Education (UBC, 2017).  While at SFU, Charlotte participated in a unique program: Semester in Dialogue, which aims to inspire active community engagement through meaningful dialogue and experiential learning.  This exceptional experience played a pivotal role in her decision to later become an educator, and has profoundly influenced her pedagogical ethos and direction. This, coupled with her experience teaching/facilitating at Green School Bali (2014, 2018) has developed her expertise as an immersive, place- and project-based learning facilitator.

Charlotte thoroughly enjoys working with the excellent team at ThINC and the many projects and programs ThINC is involved in. These encapsulate much of what she believes in: the necessity of connecting to nature and educating for sustainability.

Aislinn Cottell_(BA Graduate and ThINC C

Aislinn Cottell

People's Apothecary Garden Coordinator

Aislinn grew up wandering the beautiful (albeit damp) forests of Thetis Island, fostering a deep passion for environmental protection. She has worked in various agricultural positions over the years, including with the Cowichan Green Community's edible landscaping team, CERES, and has helped establish a Seed Incubator Farm and other local food security projects in the Cowichan Valley. Aislinn graduated in the Spring of the plague year (2020) from Vancouver Island University with a BA in Creative Writing, and currently works as a freelance editor in tandem with her pursuits to help establish a sustainable human society.

She is very excited to be working with ThINC to build food and community resiliency closer to home.