Community Food Security

Strengthening the local foodscape

What is Food Security?


Food security is defined as “the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.” Many factors come into play in determining whether a community is truly food secure. Is the food provided by these sources sustainable in the long term? Does this security end if a social or environmental disaster occurs? What is the ability of the community to source their own food, should large commercial options fail? In this sense, food security also applies to the knowledge of a community concerning where and how they are procuring their food, and how capable that system is of weathering change. 

Why is it important for Thetis Island? 


While not remote, Thetis Island is more removed from basic amenities than most communities. In the event of natural or economic disasters, Thetis has the potential to be isolated from mainstream food sources. However, the island is also fortunate in its potential for local food production. Beyond this, it is important for all communities to be aware of their reliable food sources. Not only does awareness of food security increase personal confidence, it also helps foster community ties and local economic resilience. Last but not least, locally sourced food has significantly less impact on the environment, and can be more easily and ethically maintained than global food chains.

ThINC & Food Security


While our summer Nature House program offers occasional talks related to our food security mandate, such as permaculture and pollinator ecology, in 2020, because COVID-19 made in-person nature education events impossible, we focused our summer activities on food security. As part, we launched the Summer Food Security Program where four youth, led by our coordinator and supported by volunteers, worked as a team to grow food for the community at the Thetis Island Community Farm Co-op, rehabilitate an old garden into a People’s Apothecary Garden of medicinal plants and herbs, and develop a digital Food Mosaic for Thetis Island. 


To learn more about this program, please see our Sustainability Programs

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Locally Relevant (& made!) Food Resources 


Thetis Island Plant Hardiness Zone: 9A by Lara Jensen


Composting with Wormsworth: A guide to composting by Crimson McClellan (coming soon)


Wild Edible Plants & Mushrooms of Thetis Island Guidebook by Aislinn Cottell

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