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PROJect -Re- GeneRatIOn

Designed to inspire, empower, and activate life-long learners in the reimagining and regeneration of our home: Earth.

Meet the ThINCPod

Project -Re- Generation 1.0

Welcome to the cohort page of the inaugural session of Project ReGen!  


Meet the ReGen Cohort

Everest Keane

Everest is a creative, kind, helpful, and loving person. Some of the things he likes doing in his free time includes writing, drawing, modeling, making a lot of things with his hands and so much more. He was born in Vancouver BC and lived there for seven years before moving to Gabriola Island, BC where he has lived for five years. Everest is twelve years of age, has many passions, and loves his mom, dad, brother, sister, three legged dog, his thirteen chickens, and six goats. He is very excited to be in the Thetis island program and has already made a friend. He may have his differences and faults, but he's still Everest, and Everest is raring to go on Thetis island.

Kaia Willow Russell

Kaia is a passionate environmentalist and burgeoning marine biologist. One of Kaia’s favourite places to be is out on the beach at low tide, exploring all of the creatures that live in the intertidal zone. Kaia often spends her time documenting nature through art and writing and can often be found with piles of roving around her, just waiting to be transformed into her latest creation. Kaia loves reading and taking care of her younger sisters. She is also a professional stage actress having starred in the Chemainus Theatre’s renditions of The Sound of Music and Miracle on 34th Street. Kaia is hoping to bring her knowledge of all things' nature to Project -Re- Generation. 

Zoe Carroll

Zoe has lived in the Cowichan Valley her entire life. She lives on two acres and is in a family of five, including her dad, mom, sister, brother, and herself. She has three chickens and lots of wild birds! Her dream is to become a marine biologist because of her great interest in animals. She is passionate about marine mammals and land animals. She would like to help the environment so has joined Project -Re- Generation. So far she thinks it is amazing and very fun, and can’t wait to help the Earth and its animals. 

Saffron Belize McClellan

Bio coming soon... 

Kasian Anton Russell

Kasian comes to Project -Re- Generation with a solid background in sustainability. He is a small business owner, a bike mechanic and builder, and enjoys most things on two wheels. Kasian is an older brother to four sisters and has been leading the Russell children in advocating for cycling transportation infrastructure that services all ages and abilities. Kasian loves being outside exploring trails and beaches around Chemainus. When not on two wheels, Kasian can be found carving, reading, gardening, or playing one of four musical instruments he is working on learning. Kasian is hoping his vast knowledge of science will be put to good use during the program.

Erica Ralston

Bio coming soon...

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