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How do I apply?

The spring 2023 cycle of Project -Re- Generation is open to all learners in grade 8 - 10 who are passionate about environmental sustainability and want to engage in the regeneration effort!


To apply to the spring cycle of Project -Re- Generation, please complete the attached application which includes a short 250 - 400 word write up (or 2 - 4 minute video/audio recording) outlining why you are interested in the program and how your personal goals relate to it.


Email the completed application to program coordinator and facilitator, Charlotte, at:

Application deadline: March 31, 2023

Program cost: $980.00 / participant 

PHOTO-2020-06-23_Intertidal Walk with Andy Lamb10.2.JPG

How can I receive course credits?

Students, grade 8 - 10 are eligible to receive course credit through Partners in Education (PIE), SD 47 for the following courses:

Grade 8: Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies 8


Grade 9: Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies 9


Grade 10: Entrepreneurship and Marketing 10

For credit eligibility, students must register with the ReGen program as well as PIE before March 31st, 2023. However, to secure a seat with PIE, it is advised to register as early as possible!

To enroll with PIE, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding enrollment with PIE, please contact PIE Principal, Stephanie Hall at:

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