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Foraging on Thetis

Wild foraging is a wonderful way to explore nature and local food options. Outside of the garden, Thetis Island is host to a plethora of scrumptious and nutritious plants and mushrooms.


This handbookWild Edible Plants & Mushrooms of Thetis Island, contains a (non-exclusive) list of edible plants and mushrooms that grow on Thetis. It serves merely as an introductory guide to some of the edible plants and fungi on the island and should be used in parallel with other resources and expert advice. Never eat anything unless you are absolutely sure of its identification and edibility


Also, when foraging, please adhere to the following mindfulness principles to ensure your safety, and the health of the community and natural environment you are foraging in.


1. Be sure of identification; always be certain as to the correct identification of your foraged plants before ingesting, and when in doubt, err on the side of caution. When experimenting with species new to you, even if certain of identification, consume only small portions initially in case of any allergic or intolerant responses.

2. Respect nature; take care when harvesting that you do not disturb the surrounding habitat unduly, or harvest more than nature can replenish. Keep in mind that you may not be the only forager in the area, and that your animal neighbours need to eat too! Do not pick the roots of plants (unless you are harvesting them intentionally) and do not harvest endangered species. Use a clean knife and/or scissors to avoid excess damage to plants.


3. Avoid polluted areas; for your health, avoid foraging in potentially contaminated locations such as busy roads, industrial sites, or agricultural land.


4. Do not trespass; always gain express permission before harvesting on private property.

Happy foraging!

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