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The People's Apothecary Garden

The People’s Apothecary Garden (PAG) is a community medicinal plant garden located on Carolyn Askew's (kindly loaned) plot of land at Lot 62 North Cove Road.

In mid-June, 2020, during the first month of ThINC’s Summer Food Security Program, the idea to start a community medicinal garden was pitched to the ThINCpod by Elisabeth Bond from Jollity Farm. Elisabeth and Carolyn had long been talking about the possibility of turning Carolyn’s fenced-in garden into a community space for Thetis Islanders to learn about and harvest medicinal plants. What started out as a side activity for the Pod, blossomed into one of their larger design projects. 

Over the course of four months, the Pod transformed what was once a lawn dotted with a few rose bushes and some dilapidated beds, into a medicinal garden burgeoning with promise. This was completed with the help of numerous community members who all pitched in with expertise, skills, and resources to make the garden what it is. At the end of the first season - after the paths, beds, first set of plants, and entrance were established, the price tag on the PAG was no more than $20.00!

To learn more about the Pod's development of the space, peruse the following galleries at the bottom of the page and read the Winter 2020-21 Quarterly article, "The People’s Apothecary Garden: For the People, by the People."

Since the opening of the PAG in 2020, it has been visited by the students of the nearby Thetis Island Elementary School for myriad learning experiences, from seed saving and compost making, to plant identification and herbal tea brewing. As of 2023, the garden is home to 50+ medicinal plants (see site map below) and is increasingly used for workshops on medicinal plant properties and use. It also serves as a pleasant community space for relaxation and aromatherapy to anyone wanting to pop by for a wander on its meandering paths.

For more info or to hear ways to get involved, please get in touch with us!

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PAG Photo Albums

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