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Plant of the Week: Dwarf Mallow (July 15, 2024)

Going into our 5th season of the People's Apothecary Garden (PAG), we will be showcasing one medicinal plant per week to take us through the growing season for a total of 27 plants. The plants that are shared are ones that are currently in bloom and/or harvestable at the PAG (note: some plants we have in abundance, and others in short supply). We have a small collection of native plants at the PAG, but many are from other parts of the world, and yes, some are even considered ‘invasive’. However, it’s good to note that if you see some of the invasive plants sprouting up hither thither, it’s all the more reason to harvest them! Just think of it as another form of invasive species management. 

Please note! This activity serves purely as an introduction to some of the medicinal plants of the People's Apothecary Garden and should be used in parallel with other resources and expert advice. Never eat anything unless you are absolutely sure of its identification. 

For more information about the People's Apothecary Garden, see here.


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