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  • Charlotte Fesnoux

The Piratization of the PAG!

No need to be concerned! The People's Apothecary Garden has not been ransacked by hungry deer. In fact, it is doing quite well, and stretching its flowerly limbs for another season of growth!

Rather, the students from the Thetis Island Elementary School recently created pirate maps of the PAG! Resurrecting prior knowledge of the PAG - after several dozen visits to the PAG over the years, they are some of the more well-versed Thetis Islander's of the space - they drew from memory what the garden looked like and what plants existed within its boundaries. They then descended upon the garden with paper and quill in hand and edited their creations. After including all the items that make a map a map - title, compass rose, legend, scale, and yes, the map itself, they then destroyed them. This was performed by dousing them them in tea water and singeing the sides - to give them that warn and weathered look. Why make just any old map when you can make a map in pirate style? After all, there are many treasures hidden within the PAG.

Please enjoy perusing these unique, diverse perspectives of the PAG.


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