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The Thetis Island Food Mosaic



In June 2020, the students of the Summer Food Security Program (the ThINCpod) were asked to design and develop a digital food map for Thetis Island that would help connect consumers with local food producers. 


The food map currently identifies a handful of local producers, markets and retailers, and food education/workshop facilities, and is continuing to grow. 


To recognize Thetis Islanders who make an effort to be more food secure, the ThINCpod included an additional element, "Food Security Champions." This section shares the stories of some local individuals and families who are engaging in self-subsistence practices, with the aim to encourage others in their own food growing journeys.


Please explore our Food Map to learn more about local producers, markets and food retailers, and food education facilities, and read about our 'growing' community of Food Security Champions.


Thetis Island Food Map

Copy of TI Food Map V1.png

Click on the locations below for more information


Producers grow/raise food beyond their own subsistence use, for selling and/or trade within the community. 

1. Jollity Farm

2. Howling Wolf

3. Black Sheep Farm

4. The Valestrands

5. Foraged Feasts

Markets and Retail Stores

Locations where you can get your food on Thetis.  

1. Market at Jollity Farm

2. Market at Howling Wolf Farm

Food Education Facilities

Sites in which food workshops and/or talks can take place. These can include cooking, harvesting, gardening, processing, etc.

30. The People's Apothecary Garden


Food Security Champions


Thetis Islanders who engage in self-subsistence farming and gardening, building and inspiring local food security.

Click on the images below for more info!

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