"Directly supporting local ecological conservation, education, and restoration is reciprocity in action.


The Natural systems of Thetis Island are giving to us every moment; filtering the air and water, building the fertility of the soils that feed us, holding the soil to the earth that supports us, converting and storing energy from the sun; performing the functions fundamental to life itself, while at the same time filling all of our senses with beauty and mystery.


Reciprocity is an expression of gratitude, acknowledging and honouring our relationship with Nature, and nourishing that relationship as we aspire to complete the loop:

to give back to this vibrant place from which we receive so many gifts."                                             

Stephanie Cottell, Director ThINC


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By cheque directly to ThINC,

  • PO Box 13-3, Thetis Island, BC, V0R 2Y0.

  • Make cheques payable to 'Thetis Island Nature Conservancy Society'


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Jan 2018: Fairyslipper Forest now protected!



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