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Nature House Events Week 5: July 27 - 31

Skeins of naturally dyed yarn ready to rumble

Wednesday, July 27

9:00 am start: Wednesday Wander at Lawrence Loop Trail (meet by the Firehall)

(all ages)

Join us for a bird walk around the newly wasp-free trail! At our last wander we saw over 23 species of birds, including the Great Horned Owl! We will also talk about the rich history of the trail and surrounding areas!

2:00 pm start: Steppin’ Stone Creation for the PAG at the Nature House

(family friendly (parents required))

Today we will be making concrete stepping stones and decorating them with shells, rocks, sticks, and leaves! Participating adults can also make a more advanced rhubarb leaf imprint stepping stone. Some of the stones we create will go into our PAG so that we won't be trampling the plants and the stones will allow for us to explore deeper into the garden! Concrete stepping stones are a beautiful addition to any garden and decorating them will make them unique and special! Come on down to create a beautiful stepping stone for your garden/ property!

Thursday, July 28

9:00 - 11:00: Harvest Hours at the PAG, Lot 62 (all ages)

Drop by the People’s Apothecary Garden anytime between 9:00 - 11:00 to take a wander, harvest some plants, and learn about the PAG's 40 + medicinal plants. Today we will continue widening our path to make our garden more accessible to everyone! If any volunteers would like to come help with the path widening, it would be a great help and we would love your company!

2:00 - 4:00: Seaquarium & Craft Drop-in at the Nature House (all ages)

Open time to visit with the sea creatures. Come observe and learn about the fascinating species in the tank! Today for our craft we will paint plant pots. Each person can make their own unique beautiful garden pot to take home!

7:00 pm start: Reading and Climate Conversation with Ann Eriksson at Forbes Hall (adults, youth)

Last year's heat dome and atmospheric rivers were a wake up call for many. Climate change is here and having an impact on our lives. How can our community adapt to the changes, support one another, and help the global effort to mitigate the crisis? Join author and biologist, Ann Eriksson for a reading of her latest work about the climate crisis: Urgent Message from a Hot Planet: Navigating the Climate Crisis, and explore some initiatives that other Gulf Islands have undertaken. The discussion portion of the evening will focus on generating ideas for what the Thetis Island community can do. Bring your ideas and an open mind.

Friday, July 29

2:00 pm start: Junior Biologist - Plantastic at the Nature House (kids 8-12)

This week’s focus is plants. We will learn to identify the different plant species around us as well as their beneficial properties. We will run a transpiration experiment, to learn about how plants take up water. Join us at the Pollinator Garden for this fun day of botany and creativity!

Saturday, July 30

NOTE: Event postponed

10:00 am start: Natural Fiber Dying with Emily McIvor at the Nature House (all ages)

Make your own produce or gathering bag! We will be harvesting the plant materials, preparing the dye, and then dying cloth bags for you to take home. Our dyes will be made from Common Tansy and Lobaria Lichen, giving our cloth beautiful yellow and reddish hues. We will also have an opportunity to learn to sew to attach straps to the newly dyed bags!

Sunday, July 31

9:00 - 11:00: Harvest Hours at the PAG, Lot 62 (all ages)

Drop by the People’s Apothecary Garden anytime between 9:00 - 11:00 to take a wander, harvest some plants, and learn about the PAG's 40 + medicinal plants. Our task for the day will be weeding! If anyone is keen to lend a helping hand and engage in enthusiastic dialogue, please come on down!

10:00 am start: The Nature Inside You with Marcia Aftimus and Ian Ralston at the Nature House (all ages)

In this workshop we will observe and appreciate the beauty of nature, we will harness our intuitive connection with a specific element of nature. Participants will add to the beauty of these elements with fabric, paints, etc and then return them to their original place; enhancing the presence of these natural elements. Note: this workshop is limited to 10 participants, please email to reserve spaces.

2:00 - 4:00: Family Nature Afternoons at the Nature House (all ages)

Explore the life cycle, ecology, and importance of Pacific Salmon as a family! We will make Salmon hats, and have colouring pages available! We will also play a few salmon related games, and have lots of cool salmon information to learn!


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