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ThINCpod Season 2, Episode 2 - Water Systems with Ian Ralston

Here we are on Season 2, Episode 2 of ThINCpod! This season we have been very busy with all of our outdoor projects, and after a hot summer of watering the garden we are all so grateful that the fall rains have taken over this duty! The sheer abundance of water we have access to on Thetis island is phenomenal. It nourishes our plants, it fills our mugs with tea in the evening and coffee in the morning, and it allows life on Thetis Island to thrive! The Thetis Island community seem to really value this precious resource, and in the drier summer months a lot of residents are very conscious about their water use. In this episode we explore Meadow Valley with Ian Ralston, and get insights into how he works within the watershed to promote sustainable water utilization for the people and the environment. We hope you enjoy his "well of knowledge" as much as we did!


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