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  • Charlotte Fesnoux

Project -Re- Generation Week 7: Putting it All Together

This week the ReGen team worked on finalizing their projects. The bee house is up and ready to rock (or maybe for next year’s masons), and the accompanying education documents are ready for print. All scenes for our perc test video have been shot and it is now in the hands of the Russell family for editing. The site map and proposal, ‘Reimagining Water Flow in and around the Pollinator Garden’ has gone through many iterations and consultation with experts and will be ready for next week. We even managed to work in one of our stretch goals - building a Hugel mound! We thought it would take more time, but with a group of 8, you can get a lot done.

Fittingly, our final excursion was thinking about systems and how everything is connected. For this, we met with Doug Fenton, explored his property and examined what the local flora was telling us about the space (e.g. where there are rushes and reeds, there is water). We were also encouraged to think about how our own decisions and actions impact the environment around us, and how we can mitigate those impacts by acting with care.

One highlight I cannot forget to mention is our biker gang day coordinated by ReGen participant, Kasian. We gathered as a group on our bikes and rode to and from the Portal - through both hail and sunshine!


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