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  • Charlotte Fesnoux

Project -Re- Generation Week 4: Messy Learning

After much planning and re-planning, I think we now have our project goals clearly laid out and on track. Team RG ("Rain Garden") met with a couple of experts in the fields of soils, water, and systems, and came to realize just how huge a project they were facing. "Rain gardens" was only the tip of the much more complex solution to deal with the winter flooding at the Pollinator Garden. Their action plan had to evolve quite dramatically, but that is all part of the reality of projects - it is a messy process!

Team BH (Bee House), with design in hand, communications sent, and bamboo harvested, is now ready to build their mason bee house.

In addition to the projects, we met with Ian Ralston to explore the world in sound and learn about soils and the critical role they play. And because it was just too tempting, we ended up having fun scaling the "cliffs", tree climbing, and playing in the bamboo - which was an amazingly calming experience!


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