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  • Charlotte Fesnoux

Project -Re- Generation Week 2: "Shark Tank"

This week the Pod explored the wonders of the intertidal with local marine naturalist extraordinaire and all-round cool guy, Andy Lamb, and collected a few fascinating critters for the touch-tank and seaquarium. We also met with a number of Thetis Islanders who pitched their project ideas to the group in a 'Shark Tank' / 'Dragon's Den' style way (but a much kinder version!).

Project Ideas Pitched:

  • Invasive Species Removal and Education

  • Thetis Sustainability Challenge

  • Rain Gardens at the Pollinator Garden

  • Mason Bee House

  • Sustainable Transportation for Thetis Island

  • Black Solider Fly Larvae Farming (waste > larvae > chickens!)

  • Raised Bed Construction at the Community Hall

  • Mushroom Cultivation

  • Thetis Island Tool Library

  • Composter Construction and System for the Nature House/Pollinator Garden

After using this weekend to ruminate on the finalist projects, we should have a good idea of what our project will be by Monday...


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