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  • Charlotte Fesnoux

Project -Re- Generation Week 1: Spiral Mania!

After much anticipation, ReGen is now off and running!

The group spent the first couple days setting up their indoor and outdoor learning spaces at the Nature House (The Portal), exploring along the community trail, and generally getting to know one another.

Our first excursion was to The People's Apothecary Garden where ThINCpod alumni, Aislinn Cottell shared the PAG's story and demonstrated "the way of the spiral". After learning a bit about spiral gardens, their benefits, and how to make them, the group made two of their own - one large and one mini. On that note, why make a spiral garden? Because - spiral gardens:

- Require less space - Have greater variety in range of micro climates (varying solar exposure and drainage) - Solar heated rocks warm the soil - Have greater accessibility - Provide insect & small animal habitat - Are low cost to build - Are low maintenance - Can be built straight on top of concrete or hard surfaces

and as one student noted - Are COOL!

Awesome teamwork all round!


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