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  • Charlotte Fesnoux

PAG Open Sundays from 10am - 12pm

The People's Apothecary Garden (Lot 62 North Cove Road) will be open every Sunday between 10am - 12pm until September! Feel free to drop by to explore the space and learn about our growing medicinal garden. If you are feeling up to it, we are always looking for extra hands in the garden - for basic maintenance and/or to share your plant-y wisdom.

Other than being a delightful garden to stroll around in, the PAG is foremost a learning space. We are currently seeking community members who would be open to sharing their knowledge and/or skills related to gardening and medicinal plants - harvesting techniques, salve making, pruning, natural dyes, tinctures, etc! If you are interested, please give me a shout at:


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