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Nature House Week 7 Events: Aug 16 - 20

Prepare your kayaks and canoes for an adventure down Cufra this Friday!

Wednesday, August 16

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm drop-in

Harvest Hours at The PAG (all ages)

Location: The People’s Apothecary Garden, Lot 62

Thursday, August 17

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm drop-in

Wild Creatives: Shadow art with Marcia & Erica (all ages)

Location: The Nature House at The Portal, 254 North Cove Road

During this workshop each participant will make their own flower / plant arrangement, noticing how the shape changes according to the light and shadows; it's a work of observation. With a pen or pencil, they will draw the shadow and then paint it, which can be just black and white, or paint the flowers as they are. Even better, participants can use their imagination and paint something new on top of the shadow of another object. Feel free to bring your own flowers but we will provide them! This particular workshop may be too advanced for younger children but any age interested is welcome.

6:30 pm start

ThINC Tank: Island of the Sea Wolves - Episode 3: Winter (youth, adults)

Location: The Nature House at The Portal, 254 North Cove Road

It’s the season finale! The seasons have changed once again on Vancouver Island’s north coast. Will the young wolf pups make it to the winter? Will the young eaglet learn to fly? And how will the baby sea otters fare in colder waters once again? Come find out how this stunning and dramatic series ends!

Friday, August 18

10:00 am start

Young Naturalists: Geology Rocks! Bouldering Workshop (all ages)

Location: Pilkey Point

You’ve heard of boulders, but what about BoulderING? Bouldering is a type of rock climbing done on small boulders or rock formations. We’ll be joined by expert bouldering instructors from Balancing Acts who is ending their world tour - from Montreal - Paris - London - LA - and New York - on Thetis! They will provide shoes, crash pads, and instruction to teach kids and adults how to get started. Plus we’ll learn about the geology of the island, and how our unique shoreline has been formed by the sea!

Try your hand(s) at bouldering with Vancouver-based bouldering crew, 'Balancing Acts' (photo credit: Balancing Acts)

2:00 pm start

Expert Excursion: Kayak the Cufra! (all ages)

Location: Launch location - North Cove

Drift into the Cufra with us this Friday! This unique feature of the island’s coastline is best explored by boat. Bring your kayaks down to North Cove Beach and we will launch together and let the tide take us into the Cufra as it rises!

Saturday, August 19

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Seaquarium Drop-in

Location: The Nature House at The Portal, 254 North Cove Road

The saga continues in the seaquarium this week, and it’s your last chance to see the drama unfold! We’ll be releasing the species next week, so come by this Saturday to check on our very hungry and growing heart crab, the neon nudibranchs, and (my favourite!) the elusive green gunnels.

Sunday, August 20

10:00 am start

Healing Plant Connections With Marcia & Ian (all ages)

Location: The People’s Apothecary Garden, Lot 62

Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of nature as we explore the profound relationship between humans and plants at the Peoples Apothecary Garden, delving into the spiritual and holistic dimensions that bind us. Marcia and Ian have created a deck of cards with mediations & visualizations that correspond to different plants & animals on Thetis Island which they have created a workshop based on.

2:00 pm start

S4: Cultural Ecology Talk and Indigenous Plant Walk (all ages)

Location: Telegraph Marina

Join us for a special walk and talk with Ken Thomas and Elder Augie Sylvester from the Penelakut Tribe to explore the cultural history of what is now called Thetis Island. Guided by Augie, we will also meander to The Cut and learn about the abundance of medicinal and other culturally important plants that grow on the island.

This event is hosted by the Nature House and Nature Stewards Program with funding from the Island Trust Conservancy.


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