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Nature House: Tell us how we did!

Sunday was the last day of the summer 2023 Nature House program. Over the course of eight weeks we hosted 50+ events! We had speakers from on and off island who spoke on a wide variety of topics from grizzly bears and kelp to solar power and coastal archaeology; engaged in action-filled activities - bouldering and kayaking; explored diverse topics with local experts about soils, medicinal plants, grafting, and sustainable living; tried our hand (and mind!) at nature inspired crafts and arts; and connected with our mini underwater ecosystem - and drama-loaded Thetis Island soap opera, the seaquarium.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our programs and to all of our volunteers and guest speakers who made the Nature House program extra special. Also, this summer would not have been possible without our two fantastic summer employees, Eden and Erica.

Furthermore, thanks once again to the Porter family for sharing their amazing space with us, to Carolyn Askew for her continued support of the PAG, to the Challenger and Sarioglu families for the amazing seaquarium, and to the Community Fund, the Government of Canada, the Government of BC, and to all of our members and Friends of the Nature House!

As we are always looking to grow and improve our program, please take a few minutes and fill out this short feedback form.


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