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An Overall Good Beach Experience

It was noon one chilly spring day. The wind was harsh on my cheek. The hot sun beamed down on the necks of myself and the others. The group was restless, waiting...for the man who was said to know the beaches of Thetis island. The tides were low, the frigid waters were promising, and we were in the highest of spirits. I had been anticipating this day for almost a week up until this point, ever since I heard of the man named Andy Lamb. It was said he had only the best and the finest diving equipment on Thetis island and a rare set of skills beyond even imagining.

While waiting for Andy to arrive, we found something in the intertidal. It was some sort of segmented worm with an indescribably horrifying mouth with enormous razor sharp black fangs protruding from its gullet, but I wasn’t quite sure exactly what it was. Suddenly, Andy appeared alongside one of our instructors. He was wearing his best dashing button-up shirt with black and rusty blood red plaid. His trousers were of the best denim, and atop all his splendour was a pair of double thickness, steel-rimmed spectacles. It was quite a…’Spectacle’!

As we walked down to the beach he started talking about what tides were the best and what time of year is the best for fumbling amongst the rocks and seaweed for wildlife. We then started looking for some good rocks to search under. The first rock had a lot of shore crabs under it, a common sight around the BC coast, and some hermit crabs too. But the second one, well, had quite a few things under it. First, there were all the same things as the first one, but there were also some cock's comb pricklebacks, which we collected. The rest of the rocks we searched under didn't have anything different from the last ones or stuff worth mentioning, so after that we headed back to the Nature House with our specimens. Now I had the proper knowledge of just how good of a person and a friend Andy Lamb is. And it was just an overall good experience.


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