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ThINCpod Season 1, Episode 2 - Making Waves with Andy Lamb

In this episode, we join Andy Lamb, a passionate man with an affinity for the underwater world.

We were fortunate to have gone on an intertidal walk with Andy - in his own backyard! The intertidal area is full of interesting creatures that have played significant roles in food security over the ages. We learned about various types of edible seaweeds, sea cucumbers, clams, and mussels (to name a few) that exist just off the shore of Thetis Island. We also observed some not-so-edible, but very beautiful, purple sea stars, and everyone's personal favourite: the midshipman (pictured below).

If you need a little inspiration to get outside in your gumboots exploring the diverse life of the intertidal zone, this episode of ThINCPod is for you!

This male midshipman fish dutifully guards his eggs from encroaching predators.

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