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  • Charlotte Fesnoux

ThINC Food Security Map - The results are in!

A big thank you to everyone who completed the survey. We received 49 responses and gained valuable feedback. Following are the results of the survey:

Q1: How important is food security to you on Thetis Island?


46.2% Extremely important

35.9% Very important

10.3% Moderately important

2.6% Slightly important

5.1% Not at all important

(Average rating of 4.2 / 5)

Q2: Are you interested in learning more about local food assets (sources, distribution avenues, etc) on Thetis Island?


94.6% Yes

5.4% No

Q3: If yes, what kind of information would you find useful?


81.6% What food is currently available in the community

73.7% What food could be available

68.4% Methods of cultivating food locally

63.2% Workshop opportunities related to food production, processing, and waste management

42.1% Contact information for assistance in harvesting food (orchards, etc)

Q4: What kind of involvement would you be interested in?


92.3% I would like to consume from and support local food sources cultivated by the community

30.8% I would like to establish food sources on my property

23.1% I would like to assist in cultivating current or future food sources on others' properties

10.3% I have food sources (orchards, etc) on my property that I would like to make

available to the community

7.7% I have food sources on my property that I need help harvesting

2.6% I would like to conduct workshops related to food security

Q5: What kind of tool would you be most interested in to help support food security on the island?


53.9% A digital map showing food sources

28.2% A "phonebook" style document with contact info for those providing food sources

10.3% A physical (paper) map showing food sources

Q6: How important is it to you for the food map to be updated regularly?

A6: Average rating 3.8 / 5 (Moderate - Very Important)

Q7: Are you a full-time or part-time resident on Thetis Island?


85% Full-time

15% Part-time

In addition to this overview, please see our blog post, “Edible Geography: Foodscape Mapping on Thetis Island” that describes the project in a bit more depth. It also attempts to respond to the various concerns and questions raised in the survey.

On a final note, as a number of people indicated their interest in participating in the food map, we will be sending out a questionnaire shortly. This questionnaire will be targeted primarily at those who are on-island producers and would like their food sources mapped. Once we have received the completed questionnaires, we will contact you for further details!

Once again, thank you for your support and feedback!

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