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Introducing Linnea Barrett!

Joining our summer team is Linnea! Linnea is our Food Security Coordinator and will be organizing food- and garden-related workshops for the Thetis community and visitors. She will also be coordinating activities at the People's Apothecary Garden and working alongside Connelly at the Nature House. Welcome Linnea!

Hi! I am Linnea Barrett, I grew up on Salt Spring Island. Growing up on an island and being surrounded by forests, the ocean, and mountains encouraged my love for nature and conservation. I am a Geography and Environmental Studies student at the University of Victoria, and I love learning about coastal geography, environmental restoration, biodiversity, and sustainable conservation. These types of courses have continued to foster my love for nature and restoration and I am excited to contribute to meaningful environmental work here at ThINC. In my free time I love hiking, camping, surfing, rock climbing, and being outside with friends.


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