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  • Erica Ralston

Exploring the People’s Apothecary Garden

It was a rainy day and the ReGen group was all at the Apothecary Garden with site coordinator, Aislinn Cottell. We split up into different groups and began doing our different jobs. At first I was moving rocks, but after that was finished, I then started taking photos with Charlotte’s camera.

My job was to take pictures of all of the different plants that were growing in the garden. I walked around the garden, decided what looked pretty, and snapped photos from different perspectives. It was a challenge to do this while I was learning how to use a new camera. I couldn’t get the camera to focus on the light when I wanted to take a picture of a white flower. However, I was really pleased with the plum tree photo because it showed the depth and texture of the leaves and branches.

I would like to learn and memorize more of the names of the herbs in the garden. I can recognize several, including mint, mullein, and rosemary by sight. One thing I could do is start smelling the herbs or maybe tasting them to help me remember.

The other groups were working with Aislinn to make more spiral gardens to plant more herbs in. Basically they were moving rocks and dirt to make the spiral gardens. They finished the structure and were happy with the end result.

Next time I go there, I would like to focus on taking photos of herbs at different stages of their lifecycle. For example, when mint and mullein go to seed. It would be great to have a series of photos for each of the herbs for others to see.

I will continue to experiment with cooking with herbs at home to make flavourful food. One herb I would like to use more of is fresh dill.

Following is a series of photos I took that day.


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