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Nature House Events Week 7: Aug 10 - 14

Wednesday, August 10 9:00 am start: Wednesday Wander at Fairyslipper Forest (all ages)

Learn about the flora of Fairyslipper Forest and identify native species and their properties on this walk. iNaturalist will be used to document different species found along the trail. Come on this casual walk to chat about nature and the benefits of plants!

2:00 pm start: Soil 101 with Ian Ralston (meet at 412 Kla-how-ya Road) (all ages)

We will visit a cut bank and learn about different soil profiles and their various uses. We will also explore soil texture sheets and learn about hand texturing soils. This program will give you the tools for considering sites for growing, or building based on the soil characteristics. We will explore the vast world beneath our feet and begin to understand just how vital soil is for sustaining life. Come on down to learn about this integral part of all of our lives! Thursday, August 11

11:00 am start: Intertidal Walk with Andy Lamb at the Nature House (all ages)

Explore the shore with one of BC’s premier marine Biologists, Andy Lamb! We will walk the beach at low tide searching for the unique creatures and critters lurking in the eelgrass and seaweed. Be sure to wear boots or water shoes for this activity!

2:00 pm start: Cyanotyping with Carol Swann at the Nature House (ages 6 and up, under 10 accompanied by an adult; max 10 students)

Join expert crafter Carol Swann and make prints using sun power and photosensitive blueprint dye. The results are a beautiful silhouette of your subject that develops like magic in a sea of blue. Bring some flowers from your garden if you like or choose your images on site.

7:00 pm start: Doc & Talk at the Nature House: Sustainable farming and food waste (adult)

This week we will watch a documentary about food waste and our current agricultural system. This film brings to light the instability of our Western food system and discusses the issues that arise from this, including soil loss, water depletion, climate change, and pesticide use. This film focuses on sustainable farming and how to promote sustainability for future generations. Come on down to learn more about food waste, sustainable farming and have some interesting environmental chats!

Friday, August 12

2:00 pm start: Junior Biologist - Insectacular - at the Nature House (kids 8-12)

There’s a lot of buzz about this workshop. Learn about insects and their crucial role in the environment! In this session we will discover the biological blueprint that defines all insects! Using nets, we will capture and observe insects around the environment. Afterwards, build your own insect as part of our fun craft activity! Bug ya later!

Saturday, August 13

10:00 am start: Weaving Ivy Baskets at the Nature House (ages 10+)

Learn how to make a basket out of the invasive species, English Ivy. Ivy is notorious for invading and damaging native ecosystems, you can remove it to create a beautiful, lightweight basket! Supplies are limited for this workshop, so we will work together to create a few weavings for the Nature House!

Note: Photosynthetic Biodiversity with Andrew Simon has been moved to Saturday, August 20th

Sunday, August 14

10:00 am start: Nature Connections with Marcia Aftimus and Ian Ralston at the Nature House (adult)

Explore the five pathways of connectedness: contact, beauty, emotion, meaning, and compassion, to develop a closer relationship with nature. The day will start with an awareness walk through the forest, followed by a meditation and visualization with one of the beautiful Thetis Cards. These cards depict various flora and fauna of Thetis and harness their healing connection through meditation; they were developed by Ian, Marcia, and Regina. After the meditation we will spend time in contact with the plant of the chosen card, and then express what we experienced and felt using air dry clay or sketching, or in other ways, to remind us in our lives how it is to be present in nature. The session will close with open conversation about our experiences. This workshop is limited to 10 participants, please contact to book your spot.

Note: As the forest walk will start at the gate of the Portal, it may be easiest to park at Fairyslipper Forest and then join us at the top of the hill.

Thetis Cards - created by Marcia Aftimus, Ian Ralston, and Regina Sloh, depict various flora and fauna found on Thetis

2:00 pm start: Family Nature Afternoon - Orienteering at the Nature House (all ages)

Develop your orienteering skills by partaking in a Treasure Hunt around the portal! Young navigators will work with a map and compass and use them to find treasure! For craft, we will colour in the maps and add landmarks and a legend. There will also be time to explore the seaquarium!


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