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ThINCpod Season 1, Episode 1 - Digging Deeper with Ian Ralston

For our first community excursion we toured through Meadow Valley with Ian Ralston, starting with a sound walk to tune into the landscape around us. The sounds of the creaking trees as the wind swept through, the chorus of birds, footsteps over fallen branches. After admiring the terrestrial world, Ian took us on a journey down under, where we uncovered all the dirty details of soil! While we examined a cutbank, we sifted through the different substrates; various combinations of clay, sand, and loam. We admired this world that teems with life: full of decomposers, intricate tree roots, fungal networks, and various lifeforms that are unseen by us, but are fundamental to food production. Without soil the earth would be a barren rock. Healthy soil is key when it comes to increasing food security.

Here, we present you with Episode 1, where we work from the ground up with Ian Ralston!

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