Big Brown Bat                       Eptesicus fuscus

Hoary Bat                              Lasiurus cinereus

Silver-haired Bat                    Lasionycteris noctivagans

Long-eared Myotis                Myotis keenii or                                           Myotis  evotis

California Myotis                   Myotis californicus

Little Brown Myotis                Myotis lucifugus

Yuma Myotis                          Myotis yumanensis

Townsends Big-eared Bat     Corynorhinus townsendii

  • Bats are the only mammal that can truly fly.

  • BC has the greatest diversity of bats of any province

  • Bats use a lot of energy to fly with their heart rate reaching up to 1000 beats per minute.

  • Bats rarely carry rabies and will sicken and die if they contract it, unlike some other animals that are unaffected carriers.

  • Bats are not rodents and are protected under the BC Wildlife Act.

  • Since the devastating introduced fungus causing “White Nose Syndrome” was introduced to eastern North America in 2006, an estimated 6 million bats have died.

  • Half of the sixteen bat species in BC are listed as vulnerable or threatened.

Bats are not only  fascinating, but important. To learn more about bats,  and to find out what to do if you have bats in a building, find a dead bat, or encounter one in your home, click here for Bat FAQ.

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